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Wisconsin Sports Betting

wisconsin sports betting

Wisconsin sports betting is authorized in one location, with more to follow. No laws in Wisconsin allow sports betting, but two federally recognized tribes may soon provide it under tribal compacts.

The Oneida Indian Nation’s first legal location in Green Bay has remained open since November 2021. The Forest County Potawatomi Community plans to open a second legal facility in Milwaukee soon. In addition, more sportsbooks may open in the future, as these tribes have demonstrated that compact legislation is a viable option in the state. 

Whatever occurs in Wisconsin sports betting, this website will keep you updated.

Is it Legal to Gamble on Sports in Wisconsin?

Yes, but in an unexpected way. The majority of states permit sports betting through legislative measures such as bills, initiatives, or constitutional amendments. They intend to amend the fundamental gambling statutes inside their respective states to allow for the implementation of sports betting.

Federally acknowledged tribes in Wisconsin may speak with the state to amend existing state compacts. These modifications permit sports betting, making it legal under the sovereignty of the respective tribe.

So far, the state has implemented two such amendments: a 2021 agreement regarding the Oneida Indian Nation and a 2022 agreement involving the Forest County Potawatomi.

Where can I Place Sports Bets in Wisconsin?

Sports betting is permitted in the Oneida Casino complex in Green Bay, which is located north of Austin Straubel International Airport. At the moment, the properties on this piece of Oneida Nation land are Wisconsin’s only approved sports betting locations.

On the other hand, the Forest County Potawatomi intends to build a sportsbook at the Potawatomi Casino in downtown Milwaukee in the coming weeks or months.

The Potawatomi signed a multi-channel relationship with the Kambi Group, a Malta-based sportsbook provider, in March 2023. The agreement would give the Potawatomi Casino’s new sportsbook with a full array of sports betting services and 20 sports betting kiosks to the Carter Hotel & Casino in Carter, Wisconsin, which is located on Potawatomi land.

The Potawatomi Casino’s new book, the first in Milwaukee, will begin with a retail sportsbook debut, followed by an on-premises mobile launch.

Is it Legal to Gamble on Sports Online in Wisconsin?

Yes, but only under very limited circumstances. Any betting on sports online must take place on reserve lands or other assets owned by the tribes sponsoring the app. 

Because the Oneida tribe controls another casino and more than a half-dozen truck stops in the Green Bay area, the tribe took the unprecedented step of providing a sports betting app. According to the agreement’s language, those establishments’ territories qualify as legal places for betting on sports online. As a result, in addition to the main area, you can place online sports bets in all of the neighboring Oneida One-Stops. 

Wisconsin Sports Betting Legislation

As previously stated, Wisconsin’s legal sports betting status is exceptional. No provision in the Wisconsin Statutes allows for sports betting. Nonetheless, sports betting is legal and common.

New Mexico is the only other state that has not passed a sports betting statute but still hosts sportsbooks; however, unlike New Mexico, Wisconsin sports betting operates due to an addendum to the state’s compact deal with the Oneida Indian Nation.

The third modification to the tribe’s 1991 agreement set the path for the Oneidas to begin their sports betting activities. While most tribal amendments are brief, this one is a suitable analogy for sports betting regulations in other states.

The deal allows for online sports betting, but only on tribal properties. That means Oneidas must use geolocation verification software to verify their app is only accessible within the confines of their nine homes in the Green Bay area. 

Lastly, the amendment includes wording that allows the tribe to benefit from future authorizations granted to other tribes. For example, suppose one of the state’s other tribes that are federally recognized begins sports betting. In that case, the conditions of the new permission will be transferred to Oneidas.

Wisconsin’s Most Popular Sports for Betting

Although Wisconsin’s sports betting venues are concentrated in one area, there is plenty of support for the state’s premier sports teams. With a population of around 6 million, there is enough support for major professional sports teams to call the state home.

  • NFL – Green Bay Packers: Lambeau Field
  • NBA – Milwaukee Bucks: Fiserv Forum
  • MLB – Milwaukee Brewers: American Family Field
  • NHL – Chicago Blackhawks: United Center; Minnesota Wild: Xcel Energy Center
  • NCAA

Other Types of Gaming Available in Wisconsin

Sports betting is legal in Wisconsin in limited circumstances, but it does not constitute the only sort of gambling accessible. In fact, no matter where you live in Wisconsin, there are numerous ways to make a wager.

  • Casinos
  • Online gambling
  • Horse betting
  • Daily fantasy sports
  • Lottery

Wisconsin Sports Betting FAQs

What is the minimum age to wager on sports?

According to Oneidas, you must be 21 or older to gamble on sports. 

Is it necessary to be present in Wisconsin to bet?

Yes. To bet, you must be in one of the legal zones in the Green Bay area. In addition, prior to placing any wagers, you must confirm your location with the Oneida Nation sportsbook app’s geolocation program. You won’t be allowed to bet otherwise.

Is it necessary to be a Wisconsin resident to bet?

No. In Wisconsin, anybody over the age of 21 who is in one of its betting areas can put down sports bets. There is no requirement for residency.

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