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What you should bring in a Soccer tryout

should bring in a soccer tryout

Tryouts for soccer teams may be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially if it’s your first time. You must bring a number of items to the audition, and neglecting any of them might jeopardize your chances of joining the squad. Use this complete list of items to dress and bring to your soccer tryouts to properly prepare and have the best chance of making the squad.

These are the items you should carry and bring with you to your soccer trial.


The most important item to consider to carry to your soccer trial is cleats. If you don’t carry cleats to the audition, the trainers in charge will most likely refuse to let you on the pitch. Cleats assist you to keep your balance on the grass, not because they’re harsh or demanding.

If you walk onto a soccer pitch wearing footwear with flat bottoms, you risk sliding and falling, which can result in significant and perhaps deadly consequences.

To be an excellent soccer player, you don’t have to spend loads of money on top-tier cleats. A quality pair of soccer shoes cost around $30 and $60, and while lower-priced sneakers may have minor faults, a pair like these should be more than enough for a tryout.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are the most crucial item to take to your soccer trials after cleats. These may be more common than cleats from a safety standpoint. The coaches will almost definitely not let you try out if you don’t include a pair of shin guards.

This is, once more, for your own safety’s protection. While soccer is widely seen as a safe contact sport, this view is largely due to the availability of shin guards. You run the risk of getting full-strength kicks straight on your shin bones without them, which can easily end in a fractured bone.

Shin guards exist in a variety of sizes, with the smallest being the most comfortable. However, don’t put comfort ahead of safety. I advocate striking a balance between convenience and size, but I recommend putting safety first if you must choose between the two.

Long socks

If you want to maintain your shin guards on your body, you’ll need long socks to put them in. Long socks are unnecessary with certain shin guards due to some attachments on the back, but I advocate wearing them anyway.

To begin, any outfit you wear will contain knee-high socks. If you’re not used to wearing socks for this long when training, it may have an impact on your ability to perform in games. During training or sports, Velcro attachments can also fall.

If this happens, you’ll need a backup means of attaching your shin guards to your legs, which is where long socks come in useful.

Snacks that replenish your energy

Feeling slow or lethargic during your soccer audition might jeopardize your chances of making the squad.

If you start to lose energy while playing, consuming something to replenish your energy storage can rescue you. If you’re not certain what sort of energy-restoring food to pack, here’s a list to get you started: Oranges, Bananas, Celery, Peanut Butter (Peanut Butter), Crackers, and cheese, Berries, Apples, and Bars of energy.

 A bottle of water

Soccer is, without a doubt, one of the most physically demanding games in the world. During a typical 90-minute soccer game, professional sports players run more than 7 kilometers.

Even though you won’t be sprinting as much at your soccer trial, you’ll still be sweating quite a bit. You are placing yourself in danger of heat exhaustion if you don’t replace that lost perspiration with water. A shortage of fluids can also impair your productivity in the later stages of the audition, as dehydration will begin to influence you and create a reduction in your capacity to play well.

Aside from the medical and performance hazards, failing to carry water to a soccer audition may indicate to officials that you aren’t properly prepared for the tryout, which may reduce your chances of making the squad.

Clothing that is both comfortable and appealing

It’s critical to be at ease throughout your audition if you want to perform at your best. Ensure everything fits nicely and doesn’t rub or chafe against your skin while buying clothes for the trial.

You must also double-check that there are no tryouts or clothing restrictions for the tryout. So, when you go to your audition, double-check for a dress code; not only will it spare you from getting cut, but it will also discourage your prospective colleagues from judging you for your lack of preparation.


While not as important as shin guards or cleats, wearing a mouthguard is a smart idea if you want to keep your teeth in excellent shape.

If you’re a goalkeeper, these are extremely important. Goalkeepers dive a lot into fast-moving strikes. While correct diving techniques should reduce the likelihood of a blow to the face, it is always possible. As a result, goalkeepers who do not use mouthguards are at a considerably greater risk of tooth injury than goalkeepers who do.

Ball for soccer

Although most auditions will supply soccer balls, others may ask you to bring your own. To find out if you need to carry your soccer ball, look at the tryout instruction page or website.

Even if the audition will provide soccer balls, bringing your own is a smart idea. Warming up by kicking a ball around is a smart idea if you arrive early. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet some of the other participants that arrive early.

A towel

Although a small towel may appear strange, it may be quite useful. If you or someone else is hurt, put some ice in the towel and press it on the wound to reduce swelling. It’s also useful for wiping sweat away from your forehead and neck.

Sweatband for the Wrist

Towels are effective in wiping sweat away, but they may only be used during a break.

You won’t be able to wipe perspiration from your eyes with a towel if you’re in the middle of a practice or scrimmage game. In situations like this, a sweatband might come in useful since all you have to do is reach up with your arm and wipe the sweat from your forehead.








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