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Top 10 Under 25 NFL Players Entering the 2021 NFL Season

Every football enthusiast is waiting for the 102nd NFL season which will start on 9 September 2021. In the wake of every NFL season, football fans get excited to see young talents entering the league. In the past, some NFL players below 25 years have shown excellent performance.

For instance, Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl during the 2019 NFL season. Additionally, Lamar Jackson, who was below 25, was named the 2019 NFL MVP, which brings us to today’s topic: the best under 25 NFL players 2021 has to offer.

A player must be 25 years and below when the 2021 NFL Season begins on 9 September to make it to the list.

With that said, let’s unravel some of the top players who will make it to the 2021 NFL under 25 team.

  1. Patrick Mahomes

Kansas City Chiefs · QB · Age: 25

Mahomes will be turning 26 eight days after the 2021 NFL kick-off. He has cemented his legacy among the top QBs with 100 pass attempts since 2018. Mahomes’ performance has seen him appear in two super bowls, where he won one.

Additionally, he attained the NFL MVP award in 2018 and extended his contract worth almost half a billion dollars. Mahomes is one of the best QBs under 25 years who is just getting started.

  1. Christian McCaffrey

Carolina Panthers · RB · Age: 25

Although McCaffrey was replaced by Mike Davis last season, it is hard to overlook his impact on the Carolina Panthers club. In his full health in 2019, he made 403 touches and 2,392 scrimmage yards.

Additionally, the player has recorded an average of 135.2 scrimmage yards per game in the 2018 NFL season. From these starts, you can tell McCaffrey will be a driving force in the Carolina offense in the 2021 season.

  1. Garrett Myles

Cleveland Browns · DE · Age: 25

Garrett has helped improve the Cleveland Browns defense in the last two seasons. The Cleveland Browns made significant steps in 2019 when they went from 30th position to 22nd position in the 2019 NFL season. Additionally, the team became position 17 last season, with Garret being one of the main driving forces.

  1. Deshaun Washington

Houston Texans · QB · Age: 25

Washington was the top player in passing yards (4 823) in the 2020 NFL season. He has shown excellent performance throughout his career, the reason he is among the NFL under 25 team.

Currently, Washington is under investigation on sexual assault and harassment charges where he is facing 22 lawsuits.

  1. Quenton Nelson

Indianapolis Colts · OG · Age: 25

Although Nelson might miss the 2021 NFL season due to a foot injury, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a three-time first-team All-Pro. He has been superb in the Indianapolis Colts offensive line, and according to experts, he is too valuable to the team’s offense.

  1. Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills · QB · Age: 25

Allen showed remarkable play in the Buffalo Bill’s offense system last season. During the season, he completed 26 passes of more than 20 yards. Additionally, he made more than eight rushing touchdowns in his first three seasons.

Allen has signed a contract extension worth $258 million with the Buffalo Bills.

Experts believe that nothing can stop Allen from becoming one of the greatest QBs of his time.

  1. Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens · QB · Age: 24

Jackson is the 2019 NFL MVP and one of the best QBs in the NFL. Jackson has been giving defenders sleepless nights over the years with his incredible rushes and passes, which is why he is on this list.

Jackson has also recorded remarkable wins in the past years. For instance, in 2019, he helped the Ravens in three consecutive postseasons with 24-6 regular season as a starter. With Jackson on the field, the Baltimore Ravens have a good chance in the 2021 NFL season.

  1. DK Metcalf

Seattle Seahawks · WR · Age: 23

Metcalf has been phenomenal in every aspect. During his first two seasons, he made a record of 2,518 receiving yards and 20 receiving touchdowns which included the playoffs.

Besides his fantastic performance, Metcalf dominates the field with his massive size, speed, and confidence. He is probably the reason the Hawks have made it to the playoffs in the past two seasons. Additionally, the player is progressively becoming one of the greatest NFL receivers.

  1. Nick Chubb

Cleveland Browns · RB · Age: 25

Nick has been helping the Cleveland Browns in their past winnings as their offense’s focal person. He has also been instrumental in both passing and running, the reason why he is on this list. As the Browns’ asset, Nick has recorded 1,217 scrimmage yards and 12 touchdowns in the 2020 NFL season.

He has also racked up a total of 168 missed tackles to become the second player behind Derrick Henry who has forced most missed tackles according to Pro Football Focus. The player will greatly help the Cleveland Browns’ offense system in the coming 2021 NFL season.

  1. Chase Young

Washington Football Team · DE · Age: 22

Don’t be surprised when you hear Young has made it to the top of this list in the future. The lad became the 2020 Defensive Rookie of the Year after recording 7.5 sacks and 12 QB hits for the Washington Football Team.

According to experts, Young is expected to continue with his rookie production to become one of the greatest NFL players in history.








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