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The 5 Most Underrated  NBA Players in 2021

In the past, some NBA players have been judged too harshly by fans from specific teams. What these fans don’t understand is that particular players have specific roles in the field. Additionally, a player might be too young while others might be past their heyday, which means they need to be evaluated according to what they bring to the table.

Some of these players have also been judged based on the style they use on the court. Others do not even get enough media appreciation which is why we are here to review the most underrated NBA players in 2021.

We will rank players for fun on the following list because that is the main essence of playing basketball. The list has nothing to do with a player’s overall value. Instead, it is for showing how their value is overlooked.

With that said, let’s find out who is the most underrated NBA player right now.

De’Andre Hunter: Atlanta Hawks

Hunter developed a knee injury which saw him miss 28 appearances that included playoffs early this year. The star is very versatile on the court as he can switch across four positions. However, due to the injury, basketball analysts have overlooked his skill.

Before the injury, the 6’8″ wing was in the spotlight for the Most Improved Player after recording an average of 16.7 points in his first 13 matches. He also recorded more than 50% shooting inside the arc and 40% from beyond it.

The player has been a nightmare for most NBA defenders, the reason why the Atlanta Hawks have been recording exceptional results in the past.

Payton Pritchard: Boston Celtics

Payton is one of the most underrated rookie 2021 season has to offer. The star has a noticeable clean and skillful shot, which makes him fit to impact the NBA league.

Pritchard is apparently the Boston Celtics 6th player. In his full health, the star has played more than ten minutes on every Celtics game, apart from the Philadelphia 76ers game where he suffered an MCL sprain.

He has also made a significant number of 3-pointers for the Celtics in the 2021 season.

Nicolas Claxton: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets star cemented his legacy in the G League back in 2019. Claxton recorded an average of 16.7 PPG, 7.3 RPG, and 1.2 BPG while with the Long Island Nets.

After recording an impressive 56% shooting from three with more than two attempts per game, the star became notable to scouts and the media.

Recently, he ended his second-year season on a high note. The 22-year-old averaged 6.6 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 1.2 BPG on 62% shooting from the field while surrounded by NBA stars such as Kevin Durant and James Harden.

However, Claxton fans were concerned when he only recorded a 20% from three with the Brooklyn Nets in the 2021 season. But pundits believe that there is nothing to worry about since Claxton is only 22 years old.

Terry Rozier: Charlotte Hornets

Controversy rose in 2019 when Rozier signed a three-year contract worth $ 56 million with the Charlotte Hornets. According to the media, Rozier was not worth that much money. The press also ranked him among the overpaid NBA players in the 2019 season.

In addition, the media portrayed him as a prime example of how the Charlotte Hornets office team did a shoy7 job in the 2019 transfer window.

The 6’1 point guard showed poor play in 2019, where he only made 2.3 assists and 7.7 points.

Now, it’s almost two years since Rozier signed the contract, and he has continued to impress. The player has recorded 35.4% success out of his 945 three-point attempts.

After 122 games, his persistence has paid off because Rozier has recorded 39.9% accuracy with the Hornets from the deep range.

DeMar DeRozan: Chicago Bulls

DeRozan is good at making difficult shots while at the court. The star recorded 50.2% of his pull-up twos last season with the Chicago Bulls side.

According to experts, DeRozan was the most efficient isolation scorer in the NBA during the 2020 season, with a minimum of 100 possessions.

Although he doesn’t make 3-pointer attempts, DeRozan is a fantastic passer who is good at one-on-one games. Additionally, DeRozan freezes players with his dribbling skills which helped him record a 25% assist rate.

Last season, DeRozan was ranked amongst the NBA’s most accurate shooters, where he took shots between 16 feet and the arc. He also made shots between 3 and 10 feet as well as 10 and 16 to become one of the most accurate shooters in 2020.

During the 2020-21 NBA season, fans have witnessed remarkable performances from the NBA’s usual suspects. However, we made the above list to ensure the mentioned players deserve the recognition since they are not new to the NBA scene.







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