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What Happens If You Push In A Parlay: The Ultimate Guide

what is a push in sports betting







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What is a Sports Betting Push?

If you bet on sports, you will profit if you win and lose your stake if you lose. While it is very straightforward, there is one more chance for some bets: a tie. A bet has no winner or loser; it is referred to as a “push” in sports betting language.

What Is A Push In Sports Gambling And How Can You Avoid It?

A push occurs in sports betting when the outcome of a bet is a tie, often known as a “no action” bet. It implies that neither the gambler nor the sportsbook wins or loses, and the stake is refunded to the bettor. For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are -3-point favorites over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the final score is 24-21 in favor of the Eagles.

Pushing a wager isn’t the ideal outcome for anyone because no one likes to watch a game for a long time without the payment at the end. Buying points, parlaying money lines, employing teasers, and finding three-way lines are all tactics to avoid pushing a bet.

What Happens If You Get a Push in a Parlay?

This caution applies to almost everything we discuss in these gambling tip articles: Learn the rules of your local sports book. Over the previous five years, the North American sports betting landscape has grown, with several new companies entering the fray. They follow different policies and processes. So make sure you understand the terms and rules that your sports book follows.

That being said, if a push hits on your parlay ticket, that game is effectively deleted from your ticket as if it never existed in the first place. If you put a five-team parlay and one of the games results in a tie, that game is removed from the calculation, and you now have a four-team parlay. If you bet a two-team parlay and one of the games results in a tie, you now have a single bet on the remaining game.

Is A Push Equivalent To A Tie?

Yes. A push is essentially a tie between the gambler and the sportsbook in terms of betting. The wager has no winner or loser. The outcome is the same for games that finish up tied, including an NFL regular season game that is not settled during overtime. If you bet on the moneyline for the match, your wager is a push, but the spread has a winner.

Do You Lose Your Bet If The Result Is A Tie?  

No. When a bet results in a push, there is no winner or loser. As a result, you will retain your initial investment. The push is merely how the bet is evaluated, just as it is for winning or losing bets. You may think about the push to be a tie for your own betting outcomes tracking.

How Should A Push For Your Records Be Handled? 

If you keep detailed records of your betting results, you can count a push as a tie for your total record of wins and losses. Consider including this step in your routine if you 

need to track results. It will reveal your strengths and shortcomings, as well as your genuine profitability or total losses from sports betting.

Each push is a break-even gambling event on its own. You get your money back and can bet the next day, or at least with a different betting unit of equal value again.

Tips in Avoiding Pushing a Bet

  • Buying Points: Buying points in sports betting allows a bettor to shift the point spread in their direction in exchange for a greater odds stake. 
  • Teaser Betting: A teaser bet allows a bettor to change the point spread in favor of them across several games. Suppose one of the best in the teaser is a push. In that case, it doesn’t count towards the teaser. The gambler will receive a reduced payment or no payoff at all, similar to parlaying money lines.
  • Moneyline Parlays: Money line parlays entail selecting the winners of numerous games in one ticket. If one of the money line picks is a push, it will not contribute in the direction of parlay, and the gambler will receive a reduced or no payoff.
  • Betting Three-Way Lines: Customers can use three-way lines in sports such as soccer and hockey to avoid getting pushed. A three-way line allows for the potential of a tie. When a bettor places a bet in the three-way market, they have three options: Team A, Team B, or the draw. Therefore, a push is not possible.