With many stars returning from injury it could prove hard to find the diamond in the rough. But one player stands out. With a longer season it should give an advantage to the man behind the center.



  • Money-Line: Dak Prescott +180
  • Total: 

The underdog story of the previous 4th round pick Dak Prescott continues as he returns from a season-ending ankle injury. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is the favorite to win the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year Award at +180 odds.

Looking over the competition, there is not much of it outside a few names like 2nd-year player Joe Burrow at +600, Christian McCaffrey at +700, and Saquon Barkley at +700. Prescott and Burrow have the significant advantage of playing quarterback over McCaffrey and Barkley.

Comparing Dak and Joe, Prescott has the chance to lead the Cowboys to an NFC East title and a playoff spot, while the Bengals are a few years away from that conversation. So this should be a contributing factor.

With Prescott back under center, he will have a chance to pad his stats with one of the NFL’s worst defenses. The Cowboys ran 42.7 pass plays per game, the most in the league. This should be enough to secure good numbers.

Dallas also had the fourth-best protection rate (90%) last season, a significant positive for Prescott’s health. He was second in the league with 8.4 yards per attempt and fifth in accuracy rating (7.8) over the five games he played. Outside of the freak ankle injury, last season Prescott has managed to stay healthy.

Prescott returns for hopefully a 17-game season with a star-studded WR corps in Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamp, Michael Gallup, and RB Ezekiel Elliott. With that core last season, Prescott averaged 422.5 passing yards.

Prescott went down with the ankle injury in his fifth game, so the sample size is limited but gives a good picture of what could be to come.

He tossed nine touchdowns and threw four interceptions in that span with 34.2 completions per game. The Cowboys and Mike McCarthy will still focus on the passing game.

The more points the defense allows the more chance for shootout and Prescott to put up numbers. Prescott threw for 4,902 yards and 30 touchdowns to 11 interceptions with 277 rushing yards and three scores in his last healthy season (2019). This should be enough to secure the title of Comeback Player Of The Year.

Looking back, the Quarterback has a good history of winning the award. Nine of the last 13 award winners (since 2008) have been quarterbacks. Prescott overcoming the injury he suffered will be factored into this award, giving him an advantage over the competition.

Looking over Prescott’s career numbers, he has averaged 255.5 passing yards and 1.53 passing touchdowns over 69 games in five seasons.

If Prescott averages at least 255 yards per game in a 17-game schedule, that is 4,335 passing yards, which would be the second-most of his career.

His touchdown total stretched out to 17 games would be 26 passing touchdowns, also the second-most of his young career.

Prescott’s 30 passing touchdowns in 2019 marked a career-high after three straight seasons of 22 or 23 scores.

Prescott was on pace for a record-breaking season last year before his injury with 1,690 passing yards and nine touchdowns in four games. Of course, it would be foolish to expect the same numbers, but less should be more than enough. As long as Dak Prescott stays healthy, it should be enough.

Being the quarterback for one of the NFL’s most exciting offenses and most popular teams in a wide-open NFC East division should bode well for his chances. Take Dak Prescott at +180 Bet365


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