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Kobe Bryant the Great of all Time

We are sure by now you have had about the great legend Kobe Bryant. If you have not, it is either you are an alien, or you have probably been living under a rock for a long period. Just in case you do not know who Kobe Bryant is, here is a quick update about who he is.

Kobe Bean Bryant was born in Philadelphia and raised in Italy. At a young age he was when he was in Lower Merion, he was identified as the top American High School basketball player. He was later selected by the Charlotte Hornets after being declared in the 1996 National football association draft.

Kobe Bryant later signed for the Lakers. In 1997 he won the Slam Dunk Contest and was later named the all-star in the second season. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers as a shooting guard for his entire 20-year profession in NBA. He is widely recognized as one of the best basketball players. He managed to win a total of 5 NBA Championships. He was a fifteen-time member for the all-National Basketball Association Team, a twelve-time All-Defensive Team Member, and a two-time National Basketball Association Finals MVP. Kobe

Kobe has twice led the NBA in winning and is fourth all-time in regular period and postseason scoring in the club. In 2020, Kobe was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of introduced Fame posthumously. O’Neal was traded when the Lakers lost in the NBA Finals in 2004, and Kobe became the club’s foundation.

In the 2005to 06 and 2006 to 07 seasons, he led the NBA in scoring. Kobe set his profession high with eighty-one points on January 22, 2006, trailing with only Wilt Chamberlain’s one hundred points in 1962. Bryant was awarded NBA Finals MVP both times he led the club to consecutive titles in 2009 and 2010.

The next two seasons were ruined by season-ending shoulder and knee injuries. Kobe declared his retirement following the 2015–2016 season, mentioning physical deterioration. Kobe was the first guard in National Basketball Association history to play twenty seasons, and he is the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer. Kobe 18 All-Star selections rank second all-time, and he made consistent appearances in the league.

Bryant and Bob Pettit share the record for most National Basketball Association All-Star Game MVP Awards with four each. In the mid-2000s, he coined the title “Black Mamba,” which quickly gained popularity. He earned two gold medals as a player of the United States national team in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. For the short Dear Basketball, he won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2018.

Kobe Bryant perished in a plane crash in Calabasas, California, along with his child Gianna and seven others. Several tributes and commemoratives followed, including the renaming of the All-Star MVP Award in his honor.

Apart from his Achievements, this is what makes Kobe Bryant Great

Hard work

Kobe is the definition of hard work does truly does pay off. His success was built up because of his hard work. Ever since Kobe started playing basketball, he made sure to put in all his energy and work. From the age of 18, he always woke up at 5 am and had exercised until 7 am. He used to get up at 4 am and was always the last one to go, even if it meant staying until 7 or 8 pm when he was in the NBA. Even after retiring, he went to the gym with his children at 4 am to teach them what hard effort looks like. Kobe put in the effort that no one else wanted to do for the rest of his life. I dare you, the reader, to wake up at 5 am for a week to get a peek at Kobe’s life.

Loyalty and consistency

Bryant was always on top of his game. He didn’t take a night off in his life. He also spent his whole career with the Laker. Few sportsmen play for the same team for more than 20 years. Kobe focused on making the best of his situations. When things became tough or weren’t going as planned, he didn’t abandon his ship. For years, he tried everything he could to adjust things. You will also achieve success if you devote the same amount of commitment to your profession and your colleagues.


Kobe didn’t try to recreate the wheel when he entered the NBA as a 17-year-old fresh out of high school; instead, he wanted to personalize and make it his own. As a result, when he arrived on the big stage, he sought guidance from the best players already in the game, as well as the individuals he dubbed GOAT Mountain or the spot where the greatest player of all time stood. This includes some of the famous basketball players of all time. Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, and a few other legends were among those he talked with. He talked to them, learned what they did to be successful, and replicated what he saw as effective.

What made Him Different from the Rest?

The majority of individuals who successfully transitioned from high school to the NBA had a true love for the game and a drive to succeed. Kobe spent his whole life meticulously and precisely eliciting every inch of potential from his abilities. He could feel the game coursing through his veins. His father and maternal uncle were NBA players. Nature and nurture combined to create a stunning, generational basketball gift. He was capable of so much more.