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Drills for Enhancing Goalkeeping Techniques

Enhancing Goalkeeping Techniques

Working on reflexes, agility, leg speed, decision-making, and hand-eye coordination will help you improve as a goalie. Lots of training and continual repetition are necessary to improve these talents – often in a setting that replicates the intensity and often chaotic character of a genuine game. If used as part of a thorough practice program, five drills for goalies can help them improve all of these talents.

The High Cross Must be protected.

One of a goalie’s most essential duties is to defend crosses. Therefore it’s crucial to train in a pressured environment. Create a 15m by 15m square with practice cones to begin this practice. Your goalie and two attackers should begin in the center of the square, with one outfield player at each of the four cones (marked one through four).

The trainer then randomly shouts out numbers, and the participant at the matching cone kicks a high ball in the direction of the goalkeeper. The players in the square should go after the ball as the goalkeeper attempted to grab it or punch it out. For two to three minutes at a time, numbers must be read at random.

Stopping a shot

Standardized goal posts and a well-marked penalty area are required for this very basic practice. The goalie should start near the goal line, while the attacker should start about 40 yards out. The attacker begins by circling the ball and deciding which area to run in. The second touch must be a shot, and it must occur in the vicinity of the ‘D.’ Two additional attackers should be deployed at a later time to make things more exciting.

The first attacker should transfer the ball to the second attacker, who must then send it to the third attacker before taking his shot – this time on the ‘D”s edge. Make your attackers shift angles and vary things up a little, and force your goalie to cope with a variety of shots from various angles. This practice is excellent for honing shot-stopping and placement abilities.

Defending the One-on-One Situation

Place a practice cone 12 yards from the goal line and set up a regular goal post. Place two more cones Eighteen yards from the goal area, one to the left of the first and the other to the right of the first.

Your goalie should be on his line, and your attacker should be at the first cone, facing goal. Cones two and three should be set up with a passer and a dozen balls apiece. The drill starts with a straightforward pass from the passer to the attacker at the first cone, who must swiftly turn with the ball and head for the goal. While the attacker is still in control, the goalie must try to narrow the angle for a possible shot, maintain his sights on the ball, and stay on his feet. Attacking the ball and preventing the opponent from scoring must be attempted.


A normal goal post and a penalty spot are all that is required for this practice. An attacker must take a succession of penalties, each one with a different speed, location, and flair. Train your goalie to pay attention to the penalty taker’s nonverbal cues and technique; expertise will help the goalie predict where the ball will go.

A broad approach, for example, may suggest that the shooter will take a shot in the opposite direction, but a straight approach indicates that the shot would most likely stay in the center. Encourage your goalie to keep a close eye on the shooter’s grounded foot since the direction in which it is pointing might indicate where the shot will go. The shooter’s hips might also be a red flag.

When taking a ‘passing’ shot, have your goalie look at where his hips are pointing at the time the shot is made. Hips will frequently open out into the direction the ball is heading when the shot is taken.

Agility and Reflexes

This practice is a wonderful approach to giving your goalkeeper and strikers on the training ground quality ball time. Make a makeshift aim by placing two cones 12 feet apart. For this practice, you’ll need a lot of passes and a lot of extra players or coaches to catch any stray shots. Two attackers on each side of the goal should be standing approximately 12 yards from the goalie.

When the first person makes a shot, the goalie must leap to his feet, turn 180 degrees, and attempt to block the second person’s shot. The goalkeeper then stands up and turns to face the initial attacker to prevent the following shot. Because this might be exhausting for a keeper, it shouldn’t last more than two or three minutes. It should, however, improve your goalie’s speed, reflexes, muscular endurance, and judgment skills if done on a regular basis.

There are thousands of goaltending drills to select from, but it’s critical to pick one that provides your athlete with a well-rounded skill set. The keys to success are repetition and diversity.

Have the proper training gear

A decent pair of soccer goalkeeper gloves, the appropriate padding, and other equipment may help you not only improve your performance but also boost your confidence. At Epic, we offer everything you need to be in top form at a fraction of the cost!

Goalkeeper Advice

  • Keep your toes on the tip of your toes.
  • Physically and intellectually, you should be in excellent form.
  • Make sure you have the proper soccer goalie gloves and that you take excellent care of them.
  • Don’t be scared to approach the ball.
  • Fill up your target space as much as possible.
  • Maintain your focus on the ball.
  • Increase your reaction time.
  • Examine your adversary.
  • Make contact with your teammates.
  • Encourage your teammates; no one, including yourself, should be blamed.
  • Create a firm foundation.
  • Maintain a strong defensive posture to protect your goal.
  • Know how to catch the ball and when to do so.
  • Keep your eye on the ball.
  • Maintain your position in front of the goal line.
  • Please don’t give up!

Being a great goaltender is crucial, yet it’s not as simple as it appears! Skill, strength, fast reactions, fearlessness, confidence, and excellent sportsmanship are all required. A well-rounded goaltender is well-versed in the game and excellent physical and mental condition. Be willing to put in the effort and never give up. Remember to visit Epic Sports for the greatest deals on name-brand soccer goalkeeper equipment.








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