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Asian Handicap Betting Simplified

Asian Handicap is a form of sports betting that allows a handicap on the stronger team in a tie. This means that the stronger team must win by a higher scoreline for a bet on them to win.

An Asian Handicap is a form of spread betting that originated in Indonesia and is used across Asia. It is primarily used in football to eliminate the possibility of a draw in a game.

The Asian Handicap value given to a team is determined by factors such as:

  • Team news
  • Player availability, injury updates, recoveries, additions, and suspensions
  • Home turf advantage
  • Fixture historical performance and
  • Financial strength and ranking.


Football traders can interpret each team’s implied probability of winning the game with odds using these factors.

The chances of a team winning or losing a game are determined by the overall value given to that team. The Asian Handicap removed the implied bias for one team to win by providing equal chances for both teams to have profitable outcomes.

The favorite team to win the game is given a minus (-) symbol to indicate a handicap disadvantage. The underdog team is assigned a plus (+) sign to tell a handicap advantage.

Asian Handicap varies from -2.00 to +2.00 depending on the perceived value of a team.

Zero Asian Handicap Betting

A level or zero Asian Handicap is given when both teams are perceived to have similar strengths. Both teams are given zero goals at the start of the game. In essence, one is betting against the overall winner of that game.

When betting on a zero Asian Handicap, your stake is refunded if the game ends in a draw. A zero Asian Handicap bet is similar to Draw No Bet in other betting markets.

Market example:

In a game between Chelsea and Arsenal, the home odds for Chelsea are 1.90, and away odds for Arsenal are 1.95 with an Asia Handicap of 0. You decided to bet $ 100 on Arsenal to win the game. For the bet to win, Arsenal has to win the game. Therefore, your return will be 1.95 * $ 100= $190. If the game ends in a draw, your initial stake is refunded. If Arsenal loses the game, you lose your initial stake of $100.

Game example:

Orlando City SC at 2.0 odds and Nashville SC odds at 1.90.

You bet on Nashville SC on the Zero (0.0) Asian Handicap.

  • Nashville SC wins, you with the bet.
  • A draw occurs, your stake is refunded.
  • Orlando City SC wins. You lose the bet.


0.25 Handicap

The 0.25 handicap promotes betting for the underdog team with better chances of winning before the game starts.

Betting a 0.25 Handicap is applicable when the disadvantaged team seems to have higher chances of winning. The match begins with the less likely winning team leading at 0.25.


Manchester City odds at @2, Aston Villa @1.90

You bet Aston Villa $100 to win the +0.25 Asian Handicap Market.

You only win the best if Aston Villa wins. If the teams draw, you lose half of your bet ($50) and lose your stake if Manchester City wins.


0.5 Asian Handicap

The 0.5 Asian Handicap means that the team you choose to bet on to win starts the game with a 0.5 goals advantage before the game begins.

In a Premier League game between Liverpool and Crystal Palace, if you decided to bet on Crystal Palace to win at 0.5 Asian Handicap, the score at the kick-off would read like Liverpool 0 Crystal Palace 0.5.

In the case of a draw, Crystal Palace wins the game with a half-goal advantage. If Liverpool wins the game, you lose your initial stake.

Valencia FC (away team) @1.85 vs. Villarreal FC @2.00 (home team)

You bet $100 for Valencia FC to win in the 0.5 Asian handicaps. If Valencia wins, you win the bet but lose it if Villarreal wins, or the game ends in a draw.

Note that in the 0.5 Asian handicap case, the odds are the same for both teams.


0.75 Handicap scenario

This assumption considers the underdog to win; the game starts with the disadvantaged at a ¾ goal lead (0:0.75).

Although it works the same as the quarter goal (0.25), it has an exception where the team with a 0.75 Asian handicap is considered the underdog in the game.

Example: Watford at 1.20 vs. Everton at 1.30.

Suppose you decide to bet $10 on Watford to win at 0.75 AH. It means that that Watford has a 0.75 goal advantage against Everton.

  • If Watford wins or draws the game, you win the bet.
  • If Everton wins the game by one goal more than Watford (1-2, 3-4), you lose half of our initial stake, and half of it is refunded.
  • If Everton wins the game by more than two goals, you lose your stake.

Example: Burnley @1.90 vs. Liverpool @1.90

In a game between Burnley vs. Liverpool, suppose you bet on Burnley as an underdog to win at 0.75 Asian Handicap. It means that you are confident that Burnley could win or tie the game against Liverpool, depending on the team statistics.

If Burnley wins or draws, you win the bet. If its counterpart, Liverpool, wins by a goal margin of more than two goals (0:2 or 1:3), you lose the stake.

But if the game ends with Liverpool winning with a one-goal margin (0:1, 1:2, or 2:3), you lose half the bet and keep the other half.


-1 Handicap Scenario

The match is in favor of the underdog and starts at a 0:1 handicap.

Example: Barcelona FC @1.80 vs. Granada @2.05

You bet $100 for Barcelona in the -1 Asian handicap. Barcelona must win with a two-goal margin (2:0 or 3:1) for you to win the stake.

If Barcelona wins by a one-goal margin (2:1 or 3:2), you keep your stake. Should Granada win or the game draw, you lose the bet.

Single Asian Handicap

Betting a single Asian Handicap is appropriate when there is a high perceived difference in the strengths of either team.

The team perceived to be the better team is given a goal advantage as a handicap to eliminate the difference between the two teams. Therefore, the match begins with -0.5, -1, -1.5 or -2 goals.

Manchester United odds at -2, and Liverpool has odds at +2.

You bet $ 10 on Manchester United on a single Asian Handicap.

Manchester United must win with 3-0 goals for you to win. If the scoreline reads 2-2, you lose the bet, and if Liverpool wins even by a goal, you lose the bet.

Split Asian Handicap

The split Asian Handicap is used when the strength between two teams is less defined. The split Asian Handicap allows a punter to split their stake on a couple over two handicaps.

For example, in a split Asian handicap, your preferred team might start the game with (0 and -0.5), (-0.5 and -1), (-1 and-1.5) goals.

The split Asian betting gives the favored side a handicap to overcome, which means the underdog starts the game with a 0.5 or 1 goal ahead of kick-off.

Market example: Arsenal at 1.77 and Manchester City at 2.0

If you bet $10 on Arsenal at 1.77 with 0.5 and 1 goal, your stake is divided $5 on Arsenal at 0.5 and $5 at $1.

If the game ends in a draw, half of your stake is refunded, and the other stake would be multiplied with the odds giving you the winnings. It means that $5+$5*1.77 adds to total game winnings ($17.70).

The Split Asian Handicap is also known as the quarter goal Asian Handicap because it offers match odds from 0 and -0.5 -0.25, -0.5 and -1 and -0.75 are available.


Advantages of Asian Handicap Market

  • The advantage of Asian Handicap betting markets is that you can react to the match events to trade Asian Handicap opportunities in the game.
  • Trading or betting margins are lowered in Asian Handicap betting markets, which offer more sustainable sports trading over time.
  • Asian Handicap markets give more valuable teams with high perceived ability by eliminating the perceived bias in a game.


Differences Between Asian and European Handicap

As there are Asian Handicaps, there are also European Handicaps. These two concepts are similar in most cases except for two significant differences.

  • The European Handicap uses whole digits. Unlike the Asian Handicap, which allows for decimal numbers, the European Handicap eliminates differences by utilizing only real numbers.
  • The European Handicap, unlike the Asian Handicap, allows for a draw as a match outcome. This provides slight advantages in the European Handicap model to favor losing bets instead of the Asian Handicap model.


The table below is intended to explain the full range of the Asian Handicap betting market with point or decimal numbers. The chart illustrates the meaning of each Handicap odd for the expected outcome.

Other Asian Handicap Markets

The concept of Asian Handicap is used in markets to extend market capabilities in other betting markets worldwide.

The model is used to assign advantages to away teams and home teams depending on their performance history and the strength of their squad composition against the opposing teams.

Numerous Asian bookmakers list their Asian Handicap differently from their competitors. Depending on their specialized market, regions, or preferred leagues, brokers offer Asian Handicap advantages accordingly to ensure profitable match betting.

How to Use Asian Handicap Betting

The Asian Handicap offers higher profits when used in games where they present the best chances for winning. Asian handicap betting, when used appropriately, it provides better opportunities in trading football options. Coupled with market insights, the Asian Handicap delivers an edge in football trading.


Asian handicap betting increases the chances of winning a particular bet or benefiting from multiple match outcomes. It offers better value in football trading markets with a better chance of sustainability. Therefore, utilizing Asian Handicap in your betting ensures you win more bets with your money.







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