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Aaron Rodgers talks about his latest decision on Packers

It was alleged that Aaron had informed some of the management team that he wouldn’t be part of the team’s new season, 2021, during the open of the NFL Draft. This decision aroused uncertainty, particularly after Aaron failed to show up for the Green Bay Packers offseason programs.

Aaron admitted that he would be off the field with concerns over his future, but this decision doesn’t mean that he would retire.

The bold NFL MVP and established Aaron Rodgers opened up in a press conference about his latest move to retire after the off-season’s standoff.

While talking to reporters, Aaron is convinced that it’s not yet time for him to forget about his career, but he has a better plan. “I thought about it and how incredible it has been a full-timer,” said Aaron. “The COVID year made me spend the offseason elsewhere, something I never thought of, but I had a great time,” he added.

This was the defining time for Aaron. “I took time to self-reflect and work on myself to better my future.” There are patterns that I was conditioned to but time away from the offseason made it easier to work on myself. “It’s incredible finding out that I can be productive off the field,” said Aaron happily.

However, I have a void to fill even as I resume my workouts. I am confident that I can play, and even though I still want to show off my prowess in the field and deliver 100% to my team, I am convinced that my services could be helpful in other aspects.

Reasons for Speculation

Aaron’s unrest is justifiable; the Packers management chose Jordan Love as their first quarterback in the NFL Draft first 2020 season. In the process, the team provided the Hall of Fame-bound quarterback for their new player.

With this new plan, Aaron felt the urge to be involved in the team’s decision making body. This move is sparked by how the team has been conducting the parting of Packer’s key players while at Lambeau field.

Do we have an explanation?

“This wasn’t just a thought or a one-day draft; I have been thinking about it since February when the season ended,” says Aaron. I conveyed my desire to be part of the team that decides on aspects that directly affect my job.”

Another reason for this decision is to help the management board with the mistakes they make when deciding on behalf of the Green Bay Packers players. A lot goes on, and I wouldn’t say I like how the management treats the veterans. This shortcoming has seen the team lose high-character players and its core participants. “It’s time someone stood up for the players, or we will always lose the talent we don’t appreciate because of poor decisions,” says Aaron.

Our team lost exceptional players like Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Clay Matthews, John Kuhn, James Jones, Brett Good, Byran Bulaga, Micah Hyde, T.J Lang, and Casey Hayward. Unfortunately, most of these players were not offered another chance to renew their contracts. I don’t expect such treatment for respectable players of this stature and character.

Aaron attributes the staggering conversations over and stretching it beyond 2021 could be a significant factor in dragging the progress even after successfully leading the previous NFL season. He had an unrivalled 121.5 rating with 48 touchdown passes.


Any plans?

Aaron is also dissatisfied that the Packers overlooked his opinions. This can be noted when he requested to be on the lead in pursuing and convincing a potential free agent into a lucrative deal for the team.

Since there was no time, I had to think of a plan after assessing the entire situation, more so after the MVP season. This need made me seek involvement in the decision-making board as part of the negotiators when engaging potential free agents in February. Even after training several NFL players during offseasons, this request has never been incorporated throughout my career, added Aaron.

“NFL players join Packers to be part of the team but with one goal; winning the championship. Since most of us are never consulted in the discussions, I thought of how I can bring change while bettering the future,” he puts.

But why didn’t Aaron show up for the Packers offseason?

I have been playing for some time now, and I know I can play more. But with nothing changing at the forefront, it is almost impossible for me to commit to the team past 2021. If there’s no room for to be part of the recruiting process or have no role to play in future, there is no need for me to be the lame-back quarterback, says Aaron Rodgers as he seeks role as part of the recruitment team.

There have been conversations for several months, but all were futile. “After the draft, they thought of giving me money,” says Aaron. And since the conversation wasn’t about money, there was no way I would show up, he adds.

According to Aaron, the discussions couldn’t materialize until May, when other teams across the league found his approach practical.


The Good News

The Green Bay Packers management thought about Aaron’s idea and are willing to incorporate this decision. The Packers sought to bring Randall Cobb, as noted in their Wednesday announcement. This has been a success following the collaboration with the Houston Texans, who excelled in the sixth-round draft pick in this year’s return.

Aaron’s plans for this year

While talking about the standoff, Aaron didn’t give a conclusive answer to where he would be playing in the coming year. However, Aaron says that his focus is on 2021, and he has nothing to say about where he might play. His sentiments contradict reports that he is pursuing a new deal that will grant him the freedom he is looking for come 2022.

Though there is no solid collaboration between Packers and Aaron, he appreciates and loves the franchise for helping him succeed. It feels special to be with the Packers for the 17th season, a rare opportunity for most NFL players. “Though nothing has been done to me, it’s incredible to be part of this team and play the game,” ends Aaron Rodgers.








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